2 Great Neverwinter Nights Projects

If you look at the results of the current poll, you will notice Neverwinter Nights is well ahead of all the other games. I am extremely excited to see this game. I have a feeling it will be the next big leap in computer gaming. Just as allowing users to customize First Person Shooters helped that genre grow very rapidly, I expect to see a ton of great user created modules benefiting CRPGs. I also expect to see more games take the “build the game, let the users create modules” approach.

Right now, there are two such groups taking on this great feat. Before they have seen the game or the toolset which will allow them to create modules, they are mapping out the areas of Greyhawk they wish to recreate. I expect big theses from these guys and think you should read on to learn more about them. The first one is called the Neverwinter Online. They are focusing more on Cormyr. Their approach is somewhat different from the Neverwinter Consortium. They say they will link NWC servers, but they are taking a different approach style. What I really like about this group is the number of people already pouring a ton of time into creating maps and encounter lists. They have a Players Manual, which is near completion. It is very thorough and very professional.

Either way, I believe Bioware and people like NWC and NWNO will change the future of MMORPGs, CRPGs and gaming all together.

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