Upcoming Tours

First up, is the mad mans festival of music, Ozzy Osbourne and Ozzfest. Straight off of the pain killers and into an amphitheatre near you. Joining Ozzy will be none other than Slayer, Judas Priest with Rob Halford and Slipknot. I didnt see any tour dates listed, but if you are a fan, then drop by Billboard.com and check it out.

Our number two features today is the 10th Anniversary Vans Warp Tour where the line announced includes Bad Religion, the Vandals, Good Charlotte, Lars Frederiksen & the Bastards. All totaled, expect 50 bands to participate. Jimminy Christmas, 50?!?!? Get the full scoop here.

Staying really busy this year is one of my all time favorite live performing bands, Slipknot. This time around, they will be heading the Jägermeister Music Tour, along with Fear Factory and Chimaira to name a few. This will be a small venue tour and if you are in my neck of the woods, check them out on May 2 in Oklahoma City at the Bricktown Events Center. If you have not seen Slipknot live, you are missing one hell of a performance. More details can be found here.

Hair Bands Rule – 15 Year Perspective

Take a look back 15 years to the Billboard top 50 albums for February 25, 1989. Holy Shiznit! Rock and Roll ruled the roost! Look at all of those hair bands, from GnRs 2 top 10 albums to Winger, Cinderella and the Bulletboys (Saw that tour too). Telsa and U2 made the top 50 and they are all ahead of a little known band called Metallica (at least to the average joe, us hardcore fans knew em well!). WOW!

Better hurry! This Billboard chart is constantly updating to the current week, 15 years ago! It sure takes you back to a time where Real Men wore make-up, women loved em and they could still kick your ass…..

Courtney Love Buzzes Howard Stern

Our Favorite Bitch is Back, Courtney Love. This time around, she called into Howard Sterns show just to defend the current allegations that she is a bitch on drugs whose out of control and needs to seek professional help, while releasing Frances Bean to her grandmother before its too late. (wheh)

Anyway, its all in the billboard.com article.

Fix The BF42 Punkbuster Client Issue

I feel like a member of the Scooby gang. Recently, we have seen a lot of people having problems with Punkbusters giving a message like “Trying to update PunkBuster Client: and then not updating the properly. The next thing you know, the server has kicked you and will not let you back on for 2 minutes. You wait 2 minutes, get back into the server and little bit later, BAM, it does it again.

Well gang, mystery solved.

You need to open ports 24300 through 24350 on your client computers firewall/router, etc…. Lets hope this does the trick!

Dave Grohl Releases Santana Style Album

I completely dropped the ball on this one. Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably have heard of Dave Grohls Heavy Metal side project, ala Santanas Supernatural. If you do live under a rock, well then, I guess I better enlighten you.

Probot is the self titled album. Grohl layed down all the instrumental tracks and some of the Heaviest singers around lent their voices, including King Diamond, Tom Araya of Slayer, Motörheads Lemmy Kilmister and Thomas Gabriel Warrior of Celtic Frost, among others.

Well, it came out yesterday, so if you are a fan of Dave Grohl and you love Heavy Metal, then run out and grab it today.

If you want more info on the Probot project, drop by MTV.com.

Check out the official Probot Website. No tunes, but they do have the video for the first single, Shake Your Blood featuring Lemmy.

Finger Eleven

Its no secret, I have been hooked by Finger Eleven and their latest single, One Thing. Even though the rest of their album is a bit heavier, I really dig it. While browsing around the web, I ran into an interview they did with MTV. Here is a quick except about One Thing:

"The producer, Johnny K, wanted to make sure I was really relaxed, so I had a beer at his insistence," Anderson said, "and then another and another. It kept going like that all night. Its an easy song for me to sing, physically, so I didnt object. I dont have a strong recollection of recording it. I just remember smiling and singing."

Get the rest of the Finger Eleven interview at MTV.com, as well as a quick look at their current tour dates.

Soldner ~Secret Wars

Call of Duty and BF1942 might as well step out of the way … Soldner’s coming.
This game has numerous features that set it apart from most FPSMPGs for one, all buildings, trees, and pretty much anything else you can see are fully destructable.
You leave craters with munitions that hit the landscape, and well… Sniping just became a suicide mission.

Check out the review at GameZone – Soldner Review
Or check out their Official website at Soldner Secret War

[Editors note] The views represented are of the authors… We all know CoD and Battlefield kick 4$$ 🙂