Has Hell Frozen Over?

Id like to congratulate Warner Brothers music for being the first record label to actually get it. Dont get me wrong, I still think all major record labels are scum and I will as long as they support the RIAA.

MTV.com has the full scoop on Waner Bros. releasing a new band called The Secret Machines debut album on the internet 4 months before you can buy it in stores. Here is small snipet from the article:

Even when adopting the most drastic measures, record labels seem helpless to prevent albums from surfacing online before their release dates. So now one label is taking the “if you cant beat em, join em” approach.

Get the rest at MTV.com.

On a side note, you can hear the album streaming on the official The Secret Machines website. Im listening to it now. Interesting stuff…. Continue reading Has Hell Frozen Over?

BF Game Server Upgraded to 1.6

We have upgraded the Gamers Radio Battlefield 1942 game server to 1.6. You can find the server info on the left side under the main menu block.

Also, stats were reset! This is your chance to get on top of our stats! Play all day and come back the next day to see how you rank against everyone else. We run stats every day in the early morning.

Friday Night Fights will happen again this weekend. We will not be doing custom maps this time around, but it will still be a fun time for all. We hope you will join us!

Are you ready for Half-Life 2?!?!?

Heh… Yeah… Well keep waiting!

Once again we have a “release date” for Half-Life 2… I put it in quotes for a reason… I think that the term “release date” is not real anymore…

Any who… The new release date is Spring 2005, with the original release date being Sept. 30, 2003.

So, once again… We will wait… And we may get a whole new release date again… Maybe the game will come out with a bonus CD of Duke Nukem 4 Ever!

Enjoy: http://money.cnn.com/2004/02/02/commentary/game_over/column_gaming/