BFV Custom Map – GRB Guadalnam

As you know, we are working on many custom maps for BFV. We wanted to spotlight some of our work for you during the development stage. You can visit our Photo Gallery to see more screenshots from this and other custom maps.

Todays spotlight is on Guadalnam. Here is the intel we have on this map. Note the black air vehicles.

They say the battle for Guadalnam did not actually happen. At least, that is what they would have you believe.

Public perception of the Vietnam War was a major issue for US politicians. The NVA knew this and wanted to do something that would make it even harder for the US to continue fighting in Vietnam.

The NVA knew if they could take the war to the US, it would have a drastic effect on the US public. As part of the Tet Offensive, they took a play from the Japanese playbook during WWII. They set up operations on Guadalcanal, with the intent of attacking Hawaii.

Due to the delicate nature of this battle, the US decided to keep this operation as quiet as possible. Headed by the CIA, a group of special elite forces attacked the NVA on Guadalcanal with one goal; to take back the island and stop any offensive against the US outside of Vietnam.

Ultima 5: Lazarus

A while back, we interviewed Ian “Tiberius” Frazier about the first release of the Lazarus project, a complete remake of Ultima 5 using the Dungeon Siege engine. They have released their second alpha version and it looks even better than the original.

New features in this demo which were not seen in demo 1 include:

– Fully functional mini-quests
– Ultima-style reagent-based spellcasting system!
– The Lycaeum, noble keep of Truth
– Zachariah’s Observatory
– A dozen new NPCs
– Brand new music
– All new in-game GUI
– All new frontend
– Complete day/night/lunar cycle, which can be tracked with a pocketwatch
– Tons of new objects!
– Working telescopes: look at the night sky!

Drop by their website and grab a copy for yourself!

New ATI Drivers

The latest video card drivers from ATI are out and they fix the annoying issue with the Antialiasing. So, if you own an ATI card grab these drivers.

– Enabling AF to 8x and running the game Battlefield Vietnam with the graphics set to high and the display set to 1280×1024 32bpp no longer results in display corruption being seen at a certain point of the game

Ok, Fine… Here is the link.

Crash to Desktop Issue Being Resolved

Little slow on the uptake with this EA community announcement posted on 6/4/04

“Battlefield Vietnam Update 1.02 Coming Next Week
DICE has been able to track down the Crash to Desktop issue that has been reported by the members of our community since the 1.01 update. We will be releasing a new BFV update that addresses this issue next week. Please note that this update is meant only to address the Crash to Desktop issue (along with a related disconnect issue).”

Maybe there is hope for this game after all as this is the fastest turn around resolving a game issue so far in the history of the Battlefield series. Look for the 1.02 patch later this week.
Full community update can be read here.

BFV Update Released For Client

Posted on the Punkbusters website today:

Version 1.084 of the PB Client for BFV has been released to our PB Master Servers for auto-update and to our website download page.

Release Notes for PB Client v1.084:

– includes a new setting called pb_netport that can be used as a workaround for players who get “Disconnected from server” after PB sends Master Query Packets; the default value for this setting is 0 which means PB will continue to use the games network socket to communicate with PB masters; setting this to a non-zero value (such as 15000) will cause PB to use a separate network socket for Master Query Packets; this setting can be placed into the pbcl.cfg file in the pb folder to configure PB to use this setting each time it initializes; NOTE that players with a firewall or personal security software may need to configure these separately to fully allow traffic on the chosen port

– starting with this version 1.084, the PB Client now requires the game to be run as the administrator user or equivalent under Windows XP/2K (see our FAQ for more info).