North Lincoln finishes work on "Midwestern Blood"

North Lincoln have finished the final touches on their upcoming album. Kevin and Brian recently returned to Rob McGregor’s studio to redo some vocals and got help from Jim Marburger (Die Hoffnung, I Hate Myself) in that department. Marburger also lent the band his trumpet skills beside Buddy from Less Than Jake on trombone.

The album is titled Midwestern Blood and there doesn’t appear to be a release date quite yet.
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Facedown signs Kingston Falls

Goshen, IN’s Kingston Falls have announced their recent signing with Facedown Records. This winter the band will begin writing their debut album.

The band had the following thoughts on the upcoming record: “We have a responsibility to indulge our hopes by providing hope for our brothers and sisters. In our own small way perhaps the greatest opportunity for us to do this in our lifetime is through this record. We will live this opportunity and make the most of it providing hope to others. This is what Kingston Falls is made to do.”

You can find more information at the band’s MySpace page.
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Tours: Tokyo Rose / Peachcake / The Actual

New Jersey-based Tokyo Rose recently collaborated with major motion picture director Steve C. Miller (Automaton Transfusion, Machine) on the video for their single “We Can Be Friends Tonight, But Tomorrow I’ll Be…” Filmed on Sunday, August 26th at Anaheim, CA’s hotbed for indie rock live shows, Chain Reaction, the concept video follows a flirtatious couple playing cat and mouse, prior to the band’s performance.

Supporting the July 31st release of The Promise in Compromise, these guys combed the East Coast, jumped on Warped Tour for two weeks to head West and are now preparing for a headlining tour this fall with Peachcake and The Actual.

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“I’m Brian, and so’s my wife”

In the seven years I’ve been writing for Punknews a debate over anonymous comment posting has arisen at least once every six months. It may actually make up the bulk of the staff email traffic. Whenever this bout of soul searching hits us we’ve always justified our lax regulations one way or the other, perhaps naively believing that for every coward hiding behind some racist, homophobic or misogynistic slur there’s an army of good minded people here to counter them.

However as we see more and more individuals gaming the system and we’re continually confronted by artists we respect asking why there’s so much negativity here, it has become clear that the issues are not sorting themselves out. Quite frankly it sucks to see one anonymous IP address post several hateful comments under an article and singlehandedly drag the entire community into the muck. It’s not fair that our volunteers should be expected to police that.

As of this morning anonymous comment posting on Punknews has been disabled. You will now have to be logged in to a user account to post comments on articles and reviews.

Signing up for an account is free, easy and private. With an account you can remain effectively anonymous and your email will address be hidden from everyone. You can sign up here. Registered users can rate bands and reviews, building recommendations and links between artists for the whole community to share and discover. Registered users also get their own profile page showing recent comments, top rated bands, their favourite records and more.

Saturday Testing: There are bound to be a few hiccups as we test the revised comment system today. Let us know if you see anything funny going on and we’ll take a look.
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Bela Kiss, NSDWOAH, Danger is My Middle Name

New York’s Bela Kiss have posted a new track entitled “Boy, I Owe You One” via MySpace. It appears on the band’s Hotfoot Records full length The Horde.

NSDWHOA! has posted their new song “27” from their upcoming GoodCore Records full length Day of Dog / Year of Gnar. You can check it out at MySpace. The track will appear along side six previously self-released songs and another new track on the release, set for either December 2007 or January 2008.

Chicago pop punk band Danger Is My Middle Name is offering up a free MP3 of their new acoustic song “New Friend Regrets.” You can pick it up by sending the band a message via MySpace with your email address. You can stream new music from the band while you’re there as well.
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