Tours: The Toasters (United States)

The Toasters have announced a January tour of the United States. The band notes that this will be the last tour with saxaphonist Jeff and bassist Jason for an “indefinite period of time.” In both cases, “personal reasons” are provided as explanation for the lineup switch.

The remainder of the band will continue to tour throughout 2008 however, and continue to support their 2007 album, One More Bullet.

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Against Me!’s “Cliche Guevara” and Tom’s best of 2007

Wrapping a few Against Me! submissions together today; the team at Punkrockvids recently shot a very quality live performance of “Cliche Guevara” at the House of Blues in Orlando, FL. You can check it out here.
< br/> As well, frontman Tom Gabel recently posted his list of favorite albums and performances of 2007. The feature is part of the MySpace “Year In Music” series which previously hosted the favorites of Bad Religion’s Brett Gurewitz.

Tom’s list includes The Good, the Bad and the Queen, The Cobra Skulls, World/Inferno Friendship Society, Fake Problems and more. You can check out the video along with Tom’s introductions right hereSource Continue reading Against Me!’s “Cliche Guevara” and Tom’s best of 2007

Green Day’s “Holiday” as performed by the Marching Ravens

As someone pointed out, we never posted this before and it’s quite a neat bit of musical arrangement so here it is. At the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, the Baltimore Marching Ravens tackled Green Day‘s “Holiday” and taking the four part song and converting it into the massive marching band format.

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Fall Out Boy working on documentary with “Gimme Shelter” director

Fall Out Boy have scored quite a coup for their next (non-musical) project. The band has signed legendary documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles, one-half of the team that made the Rolling Stones’ seminal Gimme Shelter tour documentary.

Pete Wentz put it in perspective:

Albert came along and was like, ‘I’m really interested in doing something with your band,’ and we did the thing like when you’re in high school and the hot girl talks to you, and you sort of look behind you and go, ‘Who, us?’ I mean, he did ‘Gimme Shelter,’ and it’s amazing, and seriously, this guy could document pretty much anything, and he wanted to do something with us. That’s what blew our minds more than anything.

The plan is to have Maysles document the next year of FOB’s life, which should include writing and recording a new album. The hope is for the film to be submitted to festivals and released as a proper DVD, not a bonus in the upcoming album package.

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Story of the Year discusses Epitaph signing

Story of the Year recently discussed their surprising switch from major label Warner to indie powerhouse Epitaph Records:

It’s a crazy time. People don’t buy records anymore (well, most people anyway), and the major labels are totally freaking out. They are dropping bands and resigning them for half the money. They are firing everybody. They are taking bands merch and touring income. It’s nuts. If a band doesn’t have a mega bubble-gum shiny pop hit, chances are the label will not even put the record out, much less push it. To me, it just doesn’t seem like a very cool environment to be in. The music would eventually suffer, and that’s fucked.

How can you be creative if you’ve got people calling you right and left telling you how your record should sound? So our situation is definitely what you would call a blessing in disguise, because at first I was freaking out a little bit. But when all is said and done, the music is the only thing that matters, and I know we made a great choice with Epitaph. We make music that we love and that we want to hear. We don’t give a fuck if its rock, polka, metal, or country. If we love it, than we are happy, and we are with a label that understands that.

The band’s final major label release was 2005’s In the Wake of Determination.
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Tours: Russian Circles / Dalek

Russian Circles have announced some upcoming tour dates with Dälek. Russian Circles recently signed to Suicide Squeeze who will be releasing the follow up to 2006’s Enter.

Dälek member Oktopus recently wrapped up work on the forthcoming record from Paint It Black. The record is titled New Lexicon and is due out February 19, 2008. Dälek is touring in support of their new collection, Deadverse Missive Vol.1: Dälek Rarities 1999-2006.

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