An interview with Dan Yemin and upcoming releases

You’re the lucky reader of the 27th edition of the Vinyl File. This column aims to keep you informed with upcoming releases as well as spotlighting interesting releases, your favorite bands’ own collections and labels with a history of vinyl releases worth talking about. As always, Vinyl File is brought to you by Ben Conoley.

This week’s Vinyl File is the first of a two-part interview with two members of Paint it Black, who have a new album, The New Lexicon ,dropping in early February. This week we talk to vocalist Dan Yemin. Next week we talk with Andy Nelson, the group’s bass player. We’ve also got news of upcoming vinyl releases from a whole bunch of bands you’ll want to know about, including Converge, Death Cab for Cutie and Murder by Death.
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The Briggs, A Wilhelm Scream on BBC Radio 1 Punk Show

On this week’s BBC 1 Punk Rock Radio show, The Briggs and A Wilhelm Scream are the guests. The show’s host Mike Davies let us know about the proceedings:

On this weeks Radio 1 Punk Show we have an acoustic session and interview from The Briggs from our LA studio. A Wilhelm Scream are Under The Influence – playing DJ and choosing 3 of the songs that influenced them the most, plus we’ve our record chart ‘The Outlaw Anthems’ and news. It will be available to stream until 4am next Tuesday 5th March (UK Time)

You can still find the archived copies of the show right here.
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Fake Problems: ‘Viking Wizard Eyes, Wizard Full of Lies’

Fake Problems In the interests of those who lack record players, the folks at Fake Problems have posted the entirety of their new 7-inch for free download via Good Friends Records.

Titled, Viking Wizard Eyes, Wizard Full of Lies, the disc was recorded with Rob McGregor (Hot Water Music, Grabass Charlestons) and features artwork from Heather Gabel. A stream of a new track can be found on their myspace page.

You can download the whole EP as MP3s via the band’s own Good Friends Records.

Earlier today, the band was confirmed to participate in Anti-Flag‘s upcoming headlining tour and will join Street Dogs and the Briggs on that one.
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Drag The River: “You Can’t Live That Way”

Drag the River Earlier this month, Alt-country supergroup Drag The River released their final album, You Can’t Live That Way. The band features alumni of ALL, Armchair Martian and Hot Rod Circuit. Their label, Suburban Home, was generous enough to provide us with a full album stream of the record and you can check it out on their Profile.
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30 Seconds to Mars: “A Beautiful Lie”

30 Seconds To Mars have unveiled their latest, ambitious short film/music video. It is the first music video ever shot 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Greenland. It is the third in a series of short films featuring songs from the band’s 2005 album. (The previous two were “The Kill” and “From Yesterday,” which was the first American music video shot in the People’s Republic of China); both were directed by Bartholomew Cubbins.

This video was directed by Angakok Panipaq. Frontman and actor Jared Leto commented:

Shooting in Greenland was a dream come true and one of the most exciting adventures we’ve ever had as a band. Although incredibly challenging and at times it seemed just out of our reach, once we finally arrived the beauty and magnificence of the terrain, the wonderful culture of the people, and the amazing journey itself were all inspiring beyond belief. Almost everyone has heard of global warming by now but for the people of Greenland it is a real and tangible problem of today, not an issue of tomorrow. This journey changed our lives.

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