Joey Ramone’s brother disassociates Ramones from Republicans, Linda Cummings

Mickey Leigh, president of Ramones productions and brother to the late Joey Ramone, has issued a statement about Linda “Ramone” Cummings, the wife of the late Johnny Ramone. According to the statement Linda has been in the media joining with the Palin family and the McCains to attempt to aid their campaign for the Presidency. Due to Linda’s use of the surname “Ramone” during this, Mickey issued this statement:

I just want it to be clear that Linda Cummings does not represent the political views of the Ramones. Surely, as for Joey Ramone, the only Ramones song he would sing at a Republican campaign event would be ‘Glad To See You Go!’

I should add that when Johnny stated ‘God Bless George Bush’ at the 2002 Rock&Roll Hall of Fame awards, I realize now that he was on to something. Because if it were not for George Bush and his handling of our country the past 8 years, I doubt so many Americans, including so many highly regarded Republicans, would now be getting behind Barack Obama. So, yes, thank God for George Bush for paving the way to Obama.

Conversely, Meghan McCain, daughter of Senator McCain is a self-professed punk rocker. She endorses the Ramones and speaks on Fox News right here.

The conclusion she and Linda reach is that the only way to be punk rock is to be conservative.
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Blueline Medic on indefinite hiatus, plan international release for “42:19”

Melbourne, Australia’s Blueline Medic are not breaking up, but the band is planning an indefinite hiatus for the time being. Their label, Hobbledehoy, explained:

To (hopefully) prevent more stressed and shouting emails arriving to my inbox, [the band] is not breaking up. New Years Eve at The Arthouse in Melbourne is not, officially speaking, their last show. That being said however, the bands future is relatively uncertain. At least three Blueline members are planing on traveling in 2009, the band will be on an ‘indefinite hiatus’ for the time being. It will be their last show for at least one year.

Which of course leaves open the strong possibility of NYE being the final time we see Dave, Adrian, Donnie and Shaun together as ‘Blueline Medic’. But perhaps not, and certainly not the last time any of the four will be playing music.

In related news, the label has announced that their critically acclaimed album 42:19 will finally get an international release. The record will also be released on vinyl LP for the first time too. Both formats in stores January 13, 2009.
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The New Cities join SonyBMG/Red Ink

Montreal’s The New Cities have signed to SonyBMG/Red Ink. The electro-punk act explained:

It’s been a while since the last update so we now have lots to say! First off, we have finally found a home! We have just signed to SONY BMG / Red Ink for the release of our upcoming albums. We are really happy and have a great feeling about this whole thing!

This also means that we have a solid plan for the release of the new album! The first single should hit radios in February and the album will be out this next spring… it’s real this time! We’ll have more details on exact dates pretty soon.

The band’s debut for the label will be produced by Greig Nori (Sum 41, Treble Charger, No Warning). You can find some music on their myspace page.
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November 2nd, 2008

Hello everybody and welcome to Navel Gazing: your look back at the week in Punknews. I’m Adam White and I’ll be your guide through some of the most popular, notable, and otherwise attention getting stories of the past seven days. Each and every Punknews story is built from tips contributed by you fine folks, and here’s what got the strange, slow, old people in the community talking…

The People Must Have Something Good To Read On A Sunday
This week’s most popular stories

As the US election date fast approaches we urge our American friends to know your rights and make sure you get to the polls on Tuesday.

Most of the Punknews staff is up to who-knows-what at the Fest right now, and we suspect plenty of our readers are doing the same. For those of us stuck at home, here’s your look at the news. Ted Leo has canceled all of his tour dates due to a personal emergency. Sweden’s Hives have been sued by a US musician over the riff to their recent single “Tick Tick Boom.” Long Island ska-punk outfit the Fad has called it quits. Elisa Schwartz, the former keytarist of Cobra Starship, is a participant in a new reality show. MTV made waves by launching a massive new music video website. NOFX also announced upcoming tour dates in the southwest US and UK.

Fat Wreck fans can look for new releases from the Loved Ones in the form of a new EP and Strung Out with a rarities set. Death By Stereo are also readying their next full length. Santa Rosa, CA’s Ashtray are getting set to release an Operation Ivy covers record. Members of Mest have formed The Twilight and the Sound. This Tuesday will also see songs from Presidents of the United States of America and Fall Out Boy arrive in the Rock Band video game. The Damned were on the Late Late Show and performed the songs “Shallow Diamonds” and “Neat Neat Neat.” The Alkaline Trio were also on TV, performing the song “Calling All Skeletons” on Jimmy Kimmel. Against Me! frontman Tom Gabel released a video of his solo song “Amputations.”

This week we said goodbye to Frank Navetta, founding member of the Descendents, and Terrin Durfey of Boilermaker, the Jade Shader and Pinback.

I Can’t Control My Fingers I Can’t Control My Brain
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This week we spoke with former Blood Brothers member Jordan Blilie on his new band Past Lives (interview), Patrick Costello, better known as Paddy, of Dillinger Four (interview), and Ray Harkins of Victory act Mikoto (interview). We also featured a conversation between artists Ed Trask of Avail and Heather Gabel on their music, lives and artwork (interview). As always we brought you new Streaming Music including Jersey Shores, the new album from Seattle’s Akimbo, the new EP from Dead To Me titled Little Brother, Orlando, Florida’s Virgins, featuring Sam Johnson of New Mexican Disaster Squad, and Dallas, Texas-based True Widow, featuring members of Slowride and The Mag Seven.

So what’s coming up this week? Look for new releases from Fake Problems / Look Mexico, How Dare You, Warship and Tim Barry of Avail with tours kicking off from Leatherface / Tiltwheel / Former Cell Mates (US), Bad Brains (US), Face To Face (California / Nevada), Fake Problems / All Or Nothing (UK), and In Flames / All That Remains / Gojira / 36 Crazyfists (US).
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Frank Navetta of the Descendents (-2008)

Many of you wrote in with the sad news that Frank Navetta, founding members of Descendents has passed away. Frank founded the band with Tony Lombardo and Bill Stevenson in 1979. His bandmates made the announcement:

We’re very sorry to announce that founding member of The DESCENDENTS, and close friend Frank Navetta passed away on October 31, 2008 after becoming ill over the course of a few days. This is obviously a huge loss for the DESCENDENTS family. His contribution to the band, and to music in general can not be overstated. Frank will be truly missed. We will share information about memorial services when we find out.

Among other classic albums, Frank wrote and played on Milo Goes To College which was an incredibly important and influential record that meant so much to this writer. His work and influence cannot be understated and he will be missed. He left the band and moved to Oregon to become a full time fisherman in 1985.

Our deepest condolences to Frank’s friends and family.
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The Damned: “Shallow Diamonds”

The second of the The Damned‘s performances on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is now available online. The performance is to support the band’s brand new album, So, Who’s Paranoid which was released digitally on October 28, 2008. The digital release will be followed by a physical release on November 17th in the UK and the 12th of December in the US.

The song, “Shallow Diamonds,” is the first single from Paranoid. The record follow 2001’s Grave Disorder which was released on Nitro Records.

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Pink Razors self release “Leave Alive,” plan album from Landlord (Defiance, Ohio)

After releasing albums via Robotic Empire, Richmond, Virginia’s Pink Razors have self-released their new full length, Leave Alive on their own Houseplant Records.

The record is the follow up to 2006’s Waiting to Wash Up and their recent 7-inch, First Degree. Some music from the album is streaming on their myspace page.

The label is also planning a new release from Landlord which features members of Defiance, Ohio and The Door Keys.
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The Used preview upcoming album/DVD with two new videos

The Used have posted two new videos on Youtube one is a teaser for their new DVD that is due out as part of their new album. The second video is Dan Whitesides drumming for the new album , the video is supposed to be from this summer. Both videos feature snippets of songs from the new album they are working on.

The band released Lies for the Liars in 2007.
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Presidents of the United States of America, Fall Out Boy in Rock Band

The Presidents of the United States of America On November 4th, Election Day, Rock Band will be adding a trio of tracks from The Presidents of the United States of America appropriately enough. The songs, “Ladybug,” “Feather Pluckn” and “Dune Buggy” will be available as a package or individually. In addition, Fall Out Boy will be adding their new single, “I Don’t Care” and a new song from Hinder will be available.
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Johnny Truant (2000-2008)

UK-based metalcore act Johnny Truant have called it quits:

We have had many amazing years and made many great friends along the way. Thank you to everyone that has supported us and shared so many amazing times with us, it’s been a hell of a ride and one that we are very proud of. Our final shows will be in the UK December. Come along and lets make them the biggest party we can.

The band recently released their Ferret debut full length, No Tears For the Creatures.
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Football Manager 2009 Demo Available

The latest incarnation in the huge selling series brings, for the first time, a 3d match view, along with over other 80 new features, and is due for release on November 14th. You can pre-purchase the game from here, pre-load, and play at 9am GMT on the day of release. STEAM will also provide automatic updates for the game as soon as they are made available.

The demo lets you play a full half-season of the game and you’ll even be able to take the saved game from the demo and continue it when you get the full version!

You can also play 12 different countries’ leagues in the demo (the full game has 51 countries’ leagues), with English, Scottish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Brazilian, Argentinean and Indonesian leagues all playable.
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