Today Punknews is proud to unveil the newest project in our growing media conglomerate. As you know, we’ve been working on a new site design with several new features. Today we are taking that design live – not here at, but at our new main site: Punknews.COM. After several years of negotiations, we’ve been able to acquire the domain and integrate it into our online strategy.

Thank you for all the input and feedback on the new site.

Check out all the new magic here: Make sure you have your speakers on.
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Greased Returns to Orgrimmar

Well guys, it’s been a great run. I’ve loved shoutcasting Quake Wars for the past year but I’ve decided to dust off my 8 level 70s on Earthen Ring and start raiding again. Quake Wars is a great game, but while I love the intense multiplayer and ever-changing battlefield and realtime action, there’s something to be said for spending 4-6 hours a night chewing glass hoping for that extra special piece of loot to drop. I want to thank Mattc0m, stlava/Uncle Joe, space, Fishstix, Backdraft and all the rest at ETTV for the experience of a lifetime… but now it’s time for me to gain experience… a few million points of it.

Back in the day, my Shadow Priest would top the damage charts and Hunters and Mages absolutely loved me for my Vampiric Touch. I’ve been feeling the raider’s call back to WoW for a while now, especially since, unlike most players, I have 8 characters and every single profession (and various disciplines within them) to max out.

By my estimates, I’ll be leveled up and maxed out on tradeskills in about 6.42 months if I start now and play around the clock, leaving only time for work and occasional meals.

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