Steam Wallet and in-game transactions are here!

The Steam Wallet has officially been released along with the Team Fortress 2 Mann Co. Store, where players can now purchase items right within TF2.

With Steam Wallet, you can add value to your Steam account using any of the payment methods supported by Steam. Funds in your Steam Wallet may then be used to buy any item available in the Steam store on an in-game store. You can load up your Steam Wallet ahead of time, or wait until checkout. Also, different payment methods can be combined to make a single purchase.

Once you’ve added funds to your wallet, that money will be used by default for subsequent Steam store purchases. But if you’d prefer to reserve your wallet balance for in-game purchases of Mad Milk, Holy Mackerel and Bushwackas, no problem — simply select another payment method during checkout. Your wallet funds will be there the next time you’re ready to shop at Mann Co., or any other in-game store.

TF2’s Mann Co. Store is the first of many upcoming Steamworks in-game stores where Steam Wallet funds can be spent. See the TF2 Mannconomy FAQ for any questions specific to that game. Otherwise, feel free to give the wallet a try for your next Steam purchase, and please let us know what you think.
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Probably not a big deal, but…

One of the interesting side effects of shipping free updates for Team Fortress 2 over the years has been a large and devoted group of people who write us asking if they can simply buy game items directly. We also get regular feedback from the bean counters on our fourth floor, who — after watching with tooth-grinding irritation as we shipped over 120 free updates to a three-year-old game — gently suggested that we “make some f$*&ing money already.”

Then it hit us: it’d make everybody happy if we really DID let players buy items directly. Players’d be happy because we actually listened to them for once, and the bean counters would be happy because in-game stores are the future of everything, including making some f$*&ing money already.

Flash forward a few months, and we’re proud to introduce the in-game Mann Co. Store. And, because we’d hate to satisfy the bean counters completely, we’ve decided community item contributors will get paid based on the sales of their items. So you can make some f$*&ing money already too.

Now, I’m sure you have dozens of questions, so just this once we put together a nifty F.A.Q. Of course the best way to find out more is to fire up the game yourself and check out the new Mann Co. Store for yourselves!
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Bright Eyes: “Coyote Song”

Bright Eyes have released a new video, “Coyote Song.” The song and video are part of frontman Conor Oberst’s support for Sound Strike, a musician-led protest against Arizona’s controversial immigration law. In an open letter to Artists Conor Oberst said:

American ideals of democracy and liberty are built on the foundation that all people, regardless of race or country of origin, deserve fair and equal treatment by the government . . . We’ve all seen the power music has to spread messages of solidarity and hope.

The song and video is being sold for $2.00 to raise money for The Florence Project, a nonprofit organization that provides free legal help to immigrants caught in the detention and deportation system in Arizona. Buy it here.

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New Headcrab Zombie Statue Coming Soon From Gaming Heads

After a year in production with partner Gaming Heads, we are pleased to announce that the Half-Life® 2 Headcrab Zombie poly stone statue will soon be ready for pre orders. Get ready to reserve your very own 1/4 scale statue, starting October 4th.

In the meantime, click here for a sneak peak of the statue.
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Cobra Skulls with Fat MIke: “Give You Nothing”

The latest cover in the SPIN/MySpace Music-curated Germs of Perfection: A Tribute to Bad Religion has been posted. The contribution comes from Cobra Skulls and features Fat Mike of NOFX. They covered “Give You Nothing,” marking the second song from Bad Religion’s groundbreaking album, Suffer.

The songs are part of the digital compilation set to be released free in honor of the influential band’s 30th anniversary.

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Clips and photos from Billie Joe Armstrong’s Broadway debut

Some clips and photos featuring Green Day‘s Billie Joe Armstrong live on Broadway have surfaced online. The singer is planning a total of eight performances this month. Armstrong, who co-wrote the American Idiot musical, will play drug dealer St. Jimmy. He is temporarily replacing actor Tony Vincent who is on leave until October 12th for a personal matter.

The musical has earned two Tony awards, a Football halftime show, an AOL session and a parody in the last few months since it’s premiere.

The photos can be found here.
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Ben Folds & Nick Hornby: “From Above”

Spinner is hosting the first video from the new collaboration between musician Ben Folds and author Nick Hornby (High Fidelity, About a Boy). Folds composed music to accompany lyrics written by the English novelist. For the video, the two collaborated with director and animator Julius Preite (‘The Simpsons’) and designer Justin Owens.

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The Casting Out going on indefinite hiatus

The Casting Out According to a post over at Destiny Tourbooking, The Casting Out will be going on what can only be ascertained as an indefinite hiatus. Frontman Nathan Gray had this to say about the matter:

“the casting out broke up??? well, sorta. after several years of losing members, gaining members, and losing them again…the casting out have decided to take a bit of a break. some of us have decided to move to different states, and some of us have just decided to move on for a while. thank you all for your support throughout the years, and we apologize that the obstacles we faced, where just too big for us right now.”

The band released their self-titled, sophomore full-length earlier this yea via Eyeball Records.
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Museum Mouth posts discography for download

Museum Mouth Southport, NC lo-fi punks Museum Mouth have posted their discography for free download. This includes Tears in My Beer, the band’s self-released full-length from earlier this year, as well as the Outside single and the I Am the Idiot of the Jungle EP. Head here to download.

If you prefer your lo-fi punk in the form of an even lower-fi stream, we’re streaming Tears in my Beer at the band’s profile. Museum Mouth is currently working on new material as well, so be on the lookout for that.
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