Flogging Molly working on new album

Flogging Molly have posted their new newsletter in which they reveal that the band has begun work on their next album:

Guess who’s working on a new record? Flogging Molly will be heading back into the studio at the end of the year to record their new studio album, set for release the first half of 2011. Their annual Green 17 Tour will be announced soon, and you can expect to hear new songs from the forthcoming release as part of the nightly set. You can stay up to date on Flogging Molly’s progress in the studio and all other Flogging Molly news at the newly designed official website.

Their last studio album was 2008’s Float. Since then, they’ve also released the live album, Live at the Greek Theatre.
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Senses Fail critical of All Time Low, Boys Like Girls

In a new interview, Senses Fail‘s Buddy Nielsen spoke critically of pop-punk outfits like All Time Low and Boys Like Girls. He addresses a recent interview where he said this:

A band like All Time Low should have no business being associated with a band like Senses Fail, but they are. There’s no similarity whatsoever in everything that we do. The Maine might as well be Matchbox 20. All Time Low might as well be Mickey Mouse Club. I like All Time Low, by the way. I do actually like them. I just like making fun of them. They did it to themselves. They could have been a fucking real band, but they decided to play the game, which is good, but the game never works.”

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Karl Alvarez talks the future of Descendents

In an interview with Dying Scene, Descendents‘ Karl Alvarez spoke about the status of the legendary band and their current plans:

In your 20s it’s ok to climb in a van and go on tour for extended periods but in your 30s and 40s it gets increasingly hard because people have families. The hiatus was due to Stephen, Bill and Milo raising children. If you’re a parent you don’t want to be away eight months in a year. I think we’re back, we’ll probably make a record and probably be doing more shows but I don’t think we’re going to be doing the kind of tour that we would do in the old days which was very intensive.

Grueling tours. On the Everything Sucks tour, we were home 17 days in that year. It can be a strain, at a certain point. When you’re a kid it’s great, it’s all adventure but when you get older you’ve got a life at home. Me, speaking for myself, I’ve been on tour the whole damn time anyway, I have no children that I know of so I’ve been out on tour in the past six years with Gogol Bordello, I’ve been on tour with The Real McKenzies, I’ve been out on tour with a band called All Systems Go. I’m kind of addicted to it.

The band last released Cool To Be You in 2004. This year, the band will be performing at Fun Fun Fun Fest and also headed to Australia in December.
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Alesana leave Fearless Records for Epitaph

Alesana According to Australia’s Soundwave Festival, Alesana have joined Epitaph Records. The organizers revealed the label change in a press release announcing Alesana’s inability to participate in Soundwave:

The band have just had a rather difficult change of labels and we are happy to announce that they have found a new home with the good people at Epitaph. However, as part of their exit from their last label involved an additional U.S. tour with [Escape the Fate] in support of their last record to help their old label recoup costs.

Alesana released The Emptiness earlier this year. The band also famously had a bit of an altercation with new labelmates, Pennywise.
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