A Great Article on MMORPGs

This story is a little late, but I felt it was important enough to list. If you missed it and you are a fan of Ultima, Ultima Online, Richard Garriott, MMORPGs or even D&D, check it out.

Here is a taste of one of the articles to wet your whistle:

“Late in 1994, Richard Garriott was not a happy visionary. Sitting in Electronic Arts CEO Larry Probsts office, listening to the older mans explanations for why online worlds werent a good investment, he sighed. This was the third time hed been here making the same pitch. He might as well be an arcade game character — with three lives. This was the last one, at least for this game. He was ready to call it quits. This corporate game was no fun at all.”

Get the full scoop on Gamespys Dungeons and Dreamers website.

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