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New Vent Server

We have a new 50-slot Ventrillo server to share among all members of the Cabal Gaming Cartel!

PW: darkside

Thanks to our new sponsor for providing us with this new resource!

You can download Ventrillo from our [Downloads] section. The nice thing about Ventrillo is you don't have the 3-second delay that you do with TeamSpeak, which is certainly convenient for gaming!

Long live the cartel!

GRB as part of the Cabal Gaming Cartel

GRB has merged with DC and NC to form Cabal Gaming Cartel!


Big news today, the Gamer Radio Battalion has joined forces with the Dual Clan and Napalm Cowboys to form the Cabal Gaming Cartel.  Being part of the Cartel allows GRB the opportunity to share servers, and players for the purpose of TWL competition.  We will still continue our boards here and continue on as the same lovable clan as usual.  Go visit the new Cartel website here, our buds at the Napalm Cowboys here or the Dual Clan fellas here.

 As always we are looking for members and are searching for COD4 players to compete in TWL with us.  

 One last note, be careful of Sarge, he bites still. Sometimes when he gets really excited about a new vistor, he has been known to piddle himself a little.







Harmony In My Head is Back!!

As some of you may know, I am a huge Henry Rollins fan. I enjoy his spoken word and have liked all of his music back to Black Flag. Henry is one of those guys who has known many bands and seems to know every guy who ever picked up a guitar. He has resumed a show he did last year from Indy 103.1 called Harmony in my Head. Its on 8 PST on Tuesdays the website is:

This is a cool show where he DJs for about 2 hours. He plays music that he likes, and he cover quite a range of genres. For each song he gives a lead-in about why he likes the song and typically he will tell some “back-story” about the band.

You can stream this from the Indy 103.1 website, check it out.

EA BF2 Server Patch 1.01 Memory Leak

Yes its been confirmed! EA has confirmed there is a major memory leak issue with BF2 Server software when patched with the 1.01 patch. Many hosting servers are now rebooting every few hours to try to keep the servers from crashing.
The good news is that EA claims they will be releasing a fix soon for Windows servers. But dont you worry, EA is giving it to the Linux servers in the cornhole again, they dont know when they will get around to releasing a fix for that. They just the first “working” Linux server a few hours before the 1.01 patch. Read more about it here Continue reading EA BF2 Server Patch 1.01 Memory Leak

Bite me Monday: Week 2

This is my new weekly rant. I am stealing this idea from famed sports radio talk show host “Papa Joe Chevalier”. He used to have a segment where callers called in and gave “Bite-mes” and “Bite-me nots” to various sport related people. Please feel free to add your “Bite-me” or “Bite-me Not” in the comments portion of this news.

As for my Bite-mes for this week:

Continue reading Bite me Monday: Week 2

Who can bite me?? EA can!!!

When BF2 was announced as official I was apprehensive at first. After some thinking I decided I would give EA another chance after the BFV mistake. Feeling an impending budget constraint in my household I decided to order BF2 early. At this point EA was claiming to have the game out I think in April. On Jan 17, 2005 I talked my wife into letting me preorder BF2 so I wouldnt be stuck in the cold if I didnt have money when the game came out. I wanted to make sure Id have the game when it was released. Click in the article to read how EA has made sure I am continually unhappy with them. Continue reading Who can bite me?? EA can!!!

Its Finally Here

Community Update Battlefield Vietnam 1.2 is finally here on the EA site. See for all the updates. This should fix the temple on Ho Chi Mihn and to some extent helo raping. Full Patch is 295 Mb but there is a ver 1.1 -> 1.2 Update as well. Good luck the download link isnt working for me right now.

So, what do you think? Is it worth it? Ed. Continue reading Its Finally Here

Doom3 Reqs

As seen here

The Doom3 Reqs have been released. They are as follows:
• A 1.5-gigahertz Intel Pentium 4 chip or AMD Athlon 1500.
• 384 megabytes of memory.
• Two gigabytes of hard drive space.
• An nVidia GeForce 3 graphics card or better; or an ATI Technologies 8500 or better.

I think most of us must exceed these in order to play BF:V, but for those of you who dont meet these, you have under a month to get ready. Now if only Doom3 had more than 4 slots for multiplayer.