Baldurs Gate II Review

What do you expect from a RPG? Do you buy a game claiming to have tons of roleplaying capabilities only to find that their idea of roleplaying is having a different face on each character? When is the last time you tossed a game out the window in sheer boredom? Well, let me tell you about a new game on the market: Balders Gate II. This game has everything that youve been looking for. There is no lack of strategy, quests, and even enough hack and slash to carry over even the biggest of brawlers. I have never found a game with the amount of balance between those three elements. I spent several 2-3 day long stints and there are many more yet to come. I, for one, was tired of spending countless amounts of money and hours on a disappointing game that ended with cds in the trash, money in someone elses hand, and alot of frustration from wasted time. You will not be disappointed.


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