Battlefield 2 1.4 Beta Testing Begins

Directly from the EAUK BF2 Forums

We are beginning the first phase of our 1.4 patch beta testing! This initial phase of testing will only include a small number of servers whose focus is to ensure stability in a live environment. At the completion of this phase we will be rapidly expanding the number of servers hosted to allow everyone an opportunity to review this latest patch. I would like to stress that everyone who downloads the beta files should take the time to read the included text file so that you can properly safeguard your current BF2 install.

Also please note that EA Customer Service can not provide any support for issues related to the Beta Patch. I encourage everyone to log into the EA Battlefield forums and participate on the 1.4 Patch Beta discussions that will cover both 1.4 issues, tuning changes, and new features.

We have up threads for issues and gameplay feedback, please make sure you post in the right one once they are unlocked.

A few of the servers hosted will be set to the new ‘No Vehicles’ server setting that will allow players to focus on infantry vs infantry combat on all BF2 and Special Forces Maps. Other servers will include the new ‘Road to Jalalabad’ map which will allow US and MEC forces to engage in a new urban warfare environment! Everyone here at EA and DICE look forward to working with the community to ensure this next patch is a solid step forward for the Battlefield Franchise.

-The Battlefield Team

The last paragraph is particularly interesting imo. Download links can be found in the link above. This has only been out a short time, so feedback is minimal so far.

Discuss and provide feedback here in the Gamers Radio Forums.

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