Battlefield 2142 1.05 Patch Released

EA has released the 1.05 patch for Battlefield 2142.  This patch addresses a number of issues including problems with players using game exploits to boost scores:


Today we release the 1.05 update for Battlefield 2142. As previously communicated this update will among other things make the experience better when playing Titan mode. It will also solve the transport exploit that some players have taken advantage of. Overall the update includes over 25 fixes. The fix list can be found at the end of the update.

Rest assured that we will continue to take action against players using exploits to boost their scores. We will also soon begin to ban accounts completely from online play. While we would prefer to not have to take this step we recognize it is necessary to ensure that players who use exploits and hacks in Battlefield 2142 are not allowed to continue ruining the play experience for others. As always, we are carefully monitoring how the game is being played to be able to prevent any exploits that are found. 

Download mirrors can be found at the EA link above. 

Here's the change list:

Fix List

  • Fixed Ground Defense kills to properly count towards the Ground Base Defense Ribbon
  • Fixed an exploit with using the Air Transport to gain points at an unnatural rate
  • Fixed a issue that caused scores and ranks to be improperly displayed in the front end
  • The Silver Titan Destruction Badge will now be properly awarded when the core is destroyed
  • The PAC Duty Ribbon will no longer be awarded randomly when a player enters a server
  • Single player End of Round screen will now display round stats properly
  • Enemy Squad Leader Spawn Beacon is now visible on the 3d-map
  • Crouch may now be bound to the same key for both common use and land vehicles (Battlewalkers)
  • Fixed an issue which allowed the Titan guns to be re-supplied for points
  • Players may no longer repeatedly spam a squad leader with requests to join a locked squad
  • Accept and Reject prompts will no longer be displayed in the debug console
  • Titan Survival pin will now be correctly rewarded to players who safely escape a titan after the core is destroyed
  • Fixed the issue that prevented players from reviving team mates in a moving Titan
  • Fixed an exploit that allows players to use tanks to enter building geometry
  • Players may now play single player offline mode when EA master servers are down
  • Fixed issues with Battle Recorder Playback and Camera control
  • Fixed the issue that caused missile silos to appear in the wrong locations on players’ HUDs.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the Squad Leader Spawn Beacon to not be usable after map and round rotations.
  • Added the proper game information to the Swedish install for when a mutiny occurs against the commander
  • 2142 will no longer show up as Battlefield 2 in the Windows Firewall Exception List
  • Altered some player collision inside the Titan. This should improve many of the Player / Titan interactions
  • Adjusted the Deviation per bullet on the Assault Rifles. This will allow the AR weapons to be more effective in medium to short range fire fights.
  • Titans will stop moving once the Titan shield go down
  • Battlefield 2142 will now close after a player selects “OK” in the patch prompt.
  • Added additional support during map load to prevent EA Master Server disconnects during map load times
  • Client Version is now displayed at the Login Screen


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