Battlefield Mod Status for Battlefield 2

Its no secret that we at Gamers Radio are huge Battlefield fans. Beyond that, we are big fans of all the mods available for Battlefield. Even after playing the game since the beginning, we always find something new to amaze us because of all the great mods available for Battlefield 42 and Battlefield Vietnam. They have provided us hours well beyond our original investment in the game and for that we are grateful.

With the upcoming release of Battlefield 2, we are looking to the mod community to extend the playability of what we hope will be a great game. Without the support of the mod community, it would be just another game, but through the hard work of these selfless guys, gamers like us get to have more fun than the original developers intended.

So, the question that was on our minds was what great BF42/BFV mods are moving their project to BF2 when its released? We emailed a bunch of mods and probably missed more than we wanted, but these guys took the time to answer our questions and provide us a hint at what to expect in the future. We hope you enjoy these mini-interviews.

— Atomm and Sarge

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