Battlegroup42 1.3 Released

Anyone feel like going old-school for a bit?

The Battlegroup team has continued to work on their fantastic mod for Battlefield 1942 while they prepare an offereing for Battlefield 2. Version 1.3 was released earlier today and contains a large number of changes from the 1.2 version.

12 New Maps, including “Ghost Front” designed by Raze and Atomm(woohoo!)
5 Reworked maps
7 new maps with Co-op support
20 new weapons including Molotov Cocktail, Incendiary Grenade, M14 Thermite Grenade which are effective sabotage tools.
Many new effects and sounds.

Visit the Battlegroup42 website for download and installation info, as well as a detailed change list.

I know our friends over at the Napalm Cowboys Clan are running BG 1.3 on their “-=NC=- Bar and Grille” server. IP is so go and give it a try.

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