BF2 Mods Falling By The Wayside

In the past few days, several mods have called it quits for Battlefield 2. They include the promising Rise of Kobol mod based on Battlestar Galactica and the singleplayer/COOP mod, Allied Intent.

 In related news, Electronic Art's Marketing department sensing a downward trend in free, fresh, fun content announced the Modlight program for BF2 on the new official BF2142 website.

"Every few weeks we will be reviewing a different mod and inviting all Battlefield Players to join us in gaming sessions on the "ModLight Community Servers" that will be hosted after each review."

 A quick check of the Official BF2 website shows no mention of this ingenious new marketing ploy, err community support program aimed at bolstering the dieing, err growth challenged Battlefield Community.

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