I just received word from Aaron over at Texas Pain about their CTF mod for BFV. This was something DICE should have put in from the beginning, but it is great to see the community doing something about it. Click read more for the full scoop and a download link.

BFV CTF MOD Beta Ver 0.5 Released (Testers needed)


BFV CTF MOD – Battlefield Vietnam Capture The Flag (CTF) Gametype mod – about 51% complete.

Version 0.5, fixed the capture announcements, added more maps, and much more. The capture the flag code does work In CTF game mode the conquest flags do not function as conquest flags they seem to operate the same as a flag cap. So we made all conqest flags un-cappable so they are just spawns. We still need some help with the menu adding the option to start a CTF server in game. more details will follow about running a dedicated server. DOWNLOAD HERE

get the:
Beta v0.5 (for testing only) Battlefield Vietnam CTF MOD By [VB]AWOL and

our TEST servers IP:
servername: BFVCTF
its the only working Battlefield CTF gamemode server out there… for now…

We need a good group of ppl to give all the maps a good testing for
gameplay, fun factor, etc. feedback is more than welcome.

current supported maps:
Ho Chi Minh Trail
Khe Sahn
Landing Zone Albany
Lang vei
Operation Game Warden
Operation Hastings
Operation Irving
Quang Tri

operation game warden, operation irving, plus more on the way.

Install help—-

inside the there is a WinRAR self extracting executable

defualt install directory:
C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield VietnamMods

Final Version Comming soon. See you on the battlefield


Hopefully you can get some ppl to help test tonight or tommrrow


Aaron Clark

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