Bite me Monday: Week 2

This is my new weekly rant. I am stealing this idea from famed sports radio talk show host “Papa Joe Chevalier”. He used to have a segment where callers called in and gave “Bite-mes” and “Bite-me nots” to various sport related people. Please feel free to add your “Bite-me” or “Bite-me Not” in the comments portion of this news.

As for my Bite-mes for this week:

——-Bite-Mes to:———————-
1.)EA can bite me several time and here is why:
-How hard is it to release a BF2 Linux server that works??
-Why have ranked servers for BF2 if they ALL lag horribly?
-How many times can you lose the BF2 ranked server stats?
-What is with the BF2 account server, why must I always wait 5 mins to play
my game?
2.) And last I issue a “Bite me” to Duck as a matter of policy

——Bite-Mes Not:———————
1.) EA:
-Its not all going to be rants against EA. I love the new game and am
thoroughly addicted.
-The idea of squads and commanders rocks, way to go EA.
-Support roles getting point, finally I score really well!!
2.) Atomm; Hes been kicking butt making our webpage rock, and at the same
Dealing with all the other crap around here, and trying to get our BF2 up.
Thanks Buddy, we do notice.

Please add your “Bite-Mes” and “Bite-me Nots”. And dont forget some-one has to issue the “bite-me” to yours truly for this article.

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