Calling All Music Fans!

We are starting a new contest at Gamers Radio. If you like music, then drop by and give us a hand at testing it out. Here are the details.

We are going to start a new monthly contest. For the months of July and August, it is a dry run only. September will be official with a $10 Itunes Gift Card or a 3 Month VIP subscription to Live365 as the prize. Winner will get to choose.

The Rules:

1. I will post a single word from the lyrics of a song at random intervals.
2. You may make one guess with the Artist and Song Title after each word is posted.
3. We will keep track of the winners and the last week of the month will be a “Name That Tune” type contest.
4. Songs can be from any Rock or Pop Genre from any time period.

Final Round
1. When the final round starts, only previous winners for the month will be allowed to participate.
2. Each winner will tell me how many words they can name the tune in.
3. Once all winners have posted, the lowest number gets first guess.
4. If they miss it, the next highest number will get a guess.
5. There is a catch though. Only one word will be added after each miss.
6. If all contestants miss, we will start over. However, we will pick a different part of the song for the next round.

Drop by and check out our new forums!

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