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Forgotten Hope News Update

The Forgotten Hope mod for BF42 has posted an update showcasing some recent developments.

First, they announced the winner of their mapping contest. The winning map was Nuenen-1944 by Mars. For his work, The mod team will create a new static model and vehicle for Mars to use on a new map.

Second, they are working on some small changes to Fan Map-pack #2 and will be releasing it in the near future. In the meantime they will be posting screen shots of the maps.

This will all serve to fill our FH needs until the 0.67 update which is promised “soon”. This update promises new weapons and vehicles as well as a revised “Foy” map.

Forgotten Hope Mod

Forgotten Hope 0.66 Released

The Forgotten Hope Mod has released the .66 version this morning.

The list of mirrors hosting the 295MB incremental patch are here

A listing of all of the changes to the mod is at .65 to .66 Change Log

There is also a very useful FH instructional page at Forgotten Hope School which highlights some of the major changes in play between the mod and Vanilla BF42. I learned a few things here, and you could too.

Lets go play!

Friday Night Fights – Custom Map Night

We are doing it again! Friday Nights Fights with Custom Maps for BF42! This time around, we bring you 6 awesome maps! These are some of the best maps around. I hear they may even be considered for the BF Conversion from BF42 to BFV.

Barbarosa | Operation Torch | Rabul | South of Caen | A Bridge Too Far | Pelilu

Grab the map pack here (Login Required)

The action starts at 7pm CST and goes until everyone leaves. |GRB|


Desert Combat Final Reviewed

The people over at Amped Gaming News have posted a very good review of the recently released Desert Combat Final.

“The Desert Combat community has finally received the release they have been waiting for. The release of Desert Combat Final is the first release of Desert Combat since the DC 0.7 release on February 7th. The name Desert Combat Final lets everyone know that the developer team wanted to finish the mod, and make it perfect. If I was to list all the changes in the update you would be reading for days. In short just about everything has changed, and for the good. There is lots of new maps, vehicles and weapons. Also the lighting and sound of the game has changed drastically. Below we take a look at all the new things that were added, as well as the graphics and sound of the latest and last release of Desert Combat.”

Go read the full review!
Amped Gaming News DC_Final Review

BF42 Friday Night Fights – Custom Map Night

We need your help. Gamers Radio and The BF Conversion Team have joined forces to test BF42 map candidates for inclusion in the Official BFV WWII Mod (Extended). This mod is currently converting all, yes all, the standard maps from Battlefield 1942 to the Battlefield Vietnam game engine.

The goal is to include 10 custom maps in the official release. Custom maps are a big part of the BF experience and we want to show our appreciation by including some of the best custom maps BF42 has to offer. Before deciding which 10 maps to use, we want to play them. After all, the most important factor is how much fun is it to play the map online.

This is your chance to frag the Gang at Gamers Radio and meet the Developers of the Official BFV WWII Mod (Extended) for BFV. Not to mention, play the best of the best in custom maps for Battlefield 1942 before they are converted to Battlefield Vietnam.

Here is your map line up.

304 Fields of the Fallen | GRB Ghost Front | Battle for Bastonge | Ruhr Valley
Corsica | Battle for Rome | China Sea | Midway 2000

Date: October 15th
Time: 7pm CST until we get tired of playing.

Location: United States
Server: |GRB|
Port: 15567

Map Pack: Registration Required

Most Importantly, Spread The Word and We will see you this Friday Night.

Forgotten Hope Released v0.65!

Forgotten Hope v0.65 has been released!

For those of you that dont know about this amazing BattleField 1942 mod:

“This mod takes place in the time around 1940 and 1941, when the power of the Wehrmacht was reaching its peak. Forgotten Hope will bring you two new armies: The French and Italian Forces. But there are also new weapons for the Germans and British armies planned, and later on also other new nations will make their way into the mod. “

Note: This is a HUGE modification to BF1942! File size is 1.7gig. There are many ways to download the modification. Three seperate files, one large file or BitTorent.

Visit their website here: FH Homepage

BF42 Friday Night Fights – Custom Map Night Returns! presents Friday Night Fights – Custom Map Night for Battlefield 1942. We have been having fun with our BFV Custom Map Nights, but we miss playing BF42 custom maps. There have been some interesting maps put out lately for BF42 and we wanted to get the chance to play them. To round out the night, we are bringing back some of our personal favorites. This will be an event to remember. I guarantee you will have a blast, so mark your calendars for this Friday Night. The action starts around 7pm CST and goes into the early morning.

Here is your line up:

304 Fields of the Fallen – This is one of my all time favorite maps for BF42 by our own |GRB| LoU-Cipher. If you have never played it, you are really missing out.
GRB Ghost Front – BF42.coms first ever Map of the Week back in June. See the review at
DamBusters – This is great fun. Besides who can deny the joy of base jumping from a huge damn? 🙂
The Night of Nights – DDay from the Air. Non stop jumping fomr a plane. We expect this one to be non-stop action.
Midway 2k – Plane Jockeys Rejoice! This ones for you.
Corsica – Tough little island map with a nice design.
Ruhr Valley – Another dam map! 🙂 This time its broken and washed out the town below. Very nice design.

The custom installer is being put together now and should be available shortly. Keep it here or at for further details.

Teamspeak Server
Port: 8767

Game Server |GRB|
Port: 14567

Battlefield Pirates Patch Released (0.31)

We have been enjoying (probably too much) The Pirates Mod for Battlefield 1942 over the last few days on the Gamers Radio Server. Now, the Battlefield Pirates Mod Team has released a promised patch for the 0.30 version of the game. The list of fixes from the readme is below, but include correcting one major bug, tweaks to many maps, and entirely new map for high seas mayhem. Visit PlanetBattlefield – Pirates Mod to download the patch.

Read me beta .31

-SkullClan Carpenter now has StoneAxes like he should instead of the PegLeg Throwing Knives.
-Fire delay for both the StoneAxes and Throwing Knives now reduced slightly. Seems there is a problem with the netcode where the delay could end up being so long that you could kill your oponent before you ever saw the knife.
-Shark Frenzies now do 50% more damage. Theyve sharpened their teeth and are now hungrier than ever.

-And the one major bug: In Beta3, you could actually sink a Galleon by slicing an ammo keg about 30 times with your cutlass! Yaar! That thar exploit be no more!

Continue reading Battlefield Pirates Patch Released (0.31)

HydroRacers Server is up!

Ok, so they gave props to every other gaming related website and magazine, except for Gamers Radio. What the heck, its fun and no one is running a server for the HydroRacer BF42 mod. We decided to throw up an 4 on 4 server for your water flying, cannon shooting, enjoyment.

If you dont have this ingenious mod for BF42, grab it at Dont worry about the patch. Its an older version. You just need this one file.

Server info is on the side <------ or look for HydroRacers in your favorite game browser. Im sorry, but I had to take this down. It was eating 70% of our CPU with no one playing. Cool mod, crappy resources.