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Cheating in Multiplayer Battlefield 1942

It is no secret. I am a huge fan of Battlefield 1942. I bought Neverwinter Nights and before I could load it, started playing the pre-release Demo for Battlefield 1942. I have been hooked ever since. Did I mention I still have not loaded Neverwinter Nights?

I wanted to write this article to address cheating. I recently discovered there are four cheats for multiplayer BF 1942. Two of them bog your system down too much to be of any use and one is blantantly obvious when in use. The one that concerns me allows you to hit your opponent easier in a fire fight. It creates a situation where you question how “good” someone really is. Personally, I hate cheating. I think it ruins a game. What I would like to know in our latest poll is this: Do you cheat? I know a lot of BF 1942 players visit this site and I want to know, do you cheat. I am curious to see how many players actively cheat.

Eminem and Battlefield 1942

I have been checking my referrer logs lately to see how traffic to GR was going and something interesting started showing up. It seems a lot of people have been searching for Battlefield 1942 and Eminem.

The first time I saw it, I thought it was a fluke, but when it started showing up more and more, I decided to check out google and see why people were looking up this unusual combination of words.

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Battlefield 1942 Multiplayer Demo Is A Hit!

If you saw the early post on Battlefield 1942, you are aware of the release of the multiplayer demo. In this demo, you can play either the Japanese or Americans at the battle of Wake Island. G.Racer and I downloaded it Friday night and had it installed around Midnight. The first test of any great game, is how long do you play the first time you load it. When we finally looked up, it was after 6am Saturday morning. We always play games on Friday night (much to the angst of our wives), but we usually wrap up sometime between 1am and 3am. Not this time. We would have kept playing, but G.Racer had to get a few hours sleep before work on Saturday, so we called it a night. If you read on, I will tell you more details about what we thought about Battlefield 1942. Continue reading Battlefield 1942 Multiplayer Demo Is A Hit!

Napster sells out…

“Todays announcement underscores one key fact: the real questions about Napsters future are economic, not technical or legal,” Napster Interim Chief Executive Hank Barry said in a statement.

I think that one statement sums it up. Napster is working with the record companies to offer a similiar service which requires users to pay for its use. It was never about artists rights, but rather about the recording industries money. Continue reading Napster sells out…

Courts decide Monday if Napster stays online…

Looks like Napster will either be shutdown on Monday, or have to start working out a possible subscription based service.

You know, in a way I can see where people who never buy cds and just download everything for free may hurt artist sales, but I believe these people are the minority. Most people probably do as I do, download a track and then if they like it then they go buy the CD. Which in turn, helps the artists and brings them exposure they might not otherwise get.

Just another example of big business trying to run our lives. Click HERE for the complete story.

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