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Just How Good Is My Video Card?

Its called Frames Per Second (FPS) and no matter how good your video card was when you bought it, new games are pushing the limits of your long term investment. Ever wonder how good your card actually is?

But wait! FarCry doesnt have the ability to show my Frames Per Second.

There is an answer. Check out and see if your $400 investment is still worth it.

You just might find its time to throw down another $400. Oh and if you do, would you donate your old card to Atomm, C/O 🙂 My GeForce 4 TI4200 just isnt cutting it any more.

Hair Bands Rule – 15 Year Perspective

Take a look back 15 years to the Billboard top 50 albums for February 25, 1989. Holy Shiznit! Rock and Roll ruled the roost! Look at all of those hair bands, from GnRs 2 top 10 albums to Winger, Cinderella and the Bulletboys (Saw that tour too). Telsa and U2 made the top 50 and they are all ahead of a little known band called Metallica (at least to the average joe, us hardcore fans knew em well!). WOW!

Better hurry! This Billboard chart is constantly updating to the current week, 15 years ago! It sure takes you back to a time where Real Men wore make-up, women loved em and they could still kick your ass…..