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Origin Announces Ultima Online: Lord Blackthornes Revenge

Origin recently announced the next add on for Ultima Online, Lord Blackthornes Revenge. According to Origin, you can look for it to be released sometime in early 2002.

I do not know what to say. On one hand I am pissed off because they dropped UO2 and on the other hand I am glad they did not let all of the work go to waste.

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Better late than never…

I just posted my review of The Pledge of Allegiance Tour featuring Slipknot, System of a Down, Rammstein and No One. This show was in Oklahoma City and the line up changed a lot during the course of the tour. If you saw it in another city and want to post your review, please feel free to send it to us.

You can check out the review here.

Concert Review

Erthdawg and I had a kick ass time as the Pledge of Allegiance Tour. I am working on the review and will try to have it up soon. Until you get the full scoop, let me give you the Cliff Notes version and just say it was a show worth seeing.


I Pledge Allegiance…..


Hello Maggots! Yep, thats right, tomorrow night I am officially a Maggot! On the way back into work today, I saw the tour buses that announce when an artist has arrived for their next show. The next show is The Pledge of Allegiance Tour, with Slipknot, Mudvayne, System of a Down and the ever explosive Rammstein.

Hell Yea, I am excited! Erthdawg and I got to see Slipknot and Mudvayne at Ozzfest. They kicked some major ass! I can not wait to see all of these guys play again. I was thinking, that with all those buses out there, I wonder if they would mind me taping a few GRN flyers to the website to the bus doors. Still not sure if I have the balls to do it?!?!? If any of you guys drop by, say something damn it!!!!!

Ill tell you this weekend how the show went….


Road to Ozzfest!!!

Erthdawg and I are off to Ozzfest in the morning. It is going to be one hell of a show. Ill give a recap of the show as soon as I can.

I know the site has been slow lately, but summer seems to do that to the web. If anyone out there has a stories to write or if you see anything interesting, be sure to keep us in mind. If you see any concerts this summer, let us know how they were.

The Road to Ozzfest

So, anyone else going to Ozzfest? We got our tickets this week. Dallas, July 5th, Section 201, Row EEE, Seats 20 and 21. Look for the two shaved headed dudes with goatees. 🙂 I am working on recording our journey to the festival and our escapades once we get there. This could be interesting!


Ozzfest Cometh!

Ozzfest is right around the corner and Erthdawg and myself are going to make the 4 hour trek to Dallas on July 5th. The lineup is incredible. Black Sabbath will headline with Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Crazytown and Zakk Wyldes solo band all taking the main stage. Disturbed is the featured act on the secondary stage with a lot of other great bands like Mudvayne, gODHEAD, Taproot, Systematic, Union Underground, Nonpoint and Spine Shank, joining up along the way. It is going to be a kick ass show. Read on to check out the complete tour dates and if you go before we do, make sure you tell us what to look forward too. Continue reading Ozzfest Cometh!

Your In Our World Now!

Your in our world now! That’s what the ad said. Boy, did they mean it. Their world! They own it! Screw all of you, you stupid, moronic, shameless lemmings! They are and you will be assimilated. Oh wait, the Cyborg race was killed a few months back with the demise of Ultima Worlds Online: Origin. Nevermind! You will be…… Brainwashed? Nah! You will just get screwed again! YEA! That’s the ticket!

Now, where was I? Oh yea…. I started this story to tell you about and some of the “rumors” abound…..
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Ultima I Pt II

Well, Its not quite Ultima Online, and its definitely Not Ultima Worlds: Origins. Of course not, the suits at Electronic Arts cancelled it. But, it is definitely a worth while freeware project being put together by the guys at Peroxide.

Ultima I is a shareware recreation of the original Lord British, Richard Garriott game that started it all, Utima I. Lord British, himself, gave permission to recreate Utima as an entirely new game. Peroxide is recreating the game in 24/32 bit 3D color with MP3 sound. The screenshots I saw looked incredible for a free game. You can even download the alpha version of the interface and test it out. Jump on over to Peroxide and get the alpha version. Just make sure you drop back by and let us know what you think!