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World of Warcraft Beta Opens Tonight!

Hello Boys and Girls. The day you have been waiting for has finally arrived. Hot off the presses from the good folks at Blizzard:

At 6:00 pm PST on Wednesday, January 28th, the signup period for the World of Warcraft Beta Test will officially begin. We will provide a link to the beta-test application right here in the news section at that time. Testers are not going to be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis, so you will be able to submit an application and receive equal consideration anytime during the signup period, which will end on Wednesday, February 4th at 6:00 pm PST. Please note that multiple submissions from the same household will result in complete disqualification.

For this initial phase of the World of Warcraft beta test, we will only be able to accept applications from Canada, Korea, and the US. The test for Europe and other countries around the world will happen later this year. Please do not contact us for further information regarding the beta test; we will be posting a FAQ in the days ahead

Good Luck!

WoW Part III

The people over at GameSpy have a third part to their coverage of the highly anticipated World of Warcraft.

In this part they talk about what Blizzard is doing to make this MMORPG different than all the others.

Personal Note:
I have made it a point to stay away from the pay for play MMOs ever since they came out… Well, leave it to Blizzard to change my outlook on this. When WoW comes out, you will see me in this world quite a bit. [I feel so 0w3n3d already and it hasnt even come out yet!]

Check it: Continue reading WoW Part III

WoW Alpha Leak

In a land of orcs, humans and blah blah blah…

Ok heres the deal. Blizzard was looking to use a small group of external people to alpha test World of WarCraft… One thing leads to another and some idiot on the external alpha team goes and leaks the files to the internet.

Why do people do this? Have they not seen what happends when code/programs are leaked out? Look at what we get with Half Life 2.. A bunch of ATI cards with coupons for the game whenever it comes out.
Well, stop it already! We do enjoy games coming out when they are supposed to, and some of us enjoy the anticipation. Remeber how long you waited for WarCraft III??? Sure made me jump on that game the second it came out… Good news is, signups for the beta test will start at the end of the month.

Anyway, check out the information here: World or Warcraft General Discussions

Its about time!

I have been waiting for Interplay to enter the MMORPG scene for quite some time. About 12 months ago, I stumbled across a link for beta testers for a MMORPG made by Interplay. I didnt pay much attention at the time (stupid me), but I did start looking for more information later on. I found nothing but a few hints and rumors that Interplay was actually working on this project.

I will admit to being a little suprised that they chose to use the Warcraft series and not the Diablo series. I have a feeling this is tied to the cancellation of the previous Warcraft Adventures series. Maybe we can dig a little deeper and find out for sure. Continue reading Its about time!