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Lights, Camera, Fragfest!

For those of you that like to grab in game video, ( and I know your out there). PlanetGameCAM has just released version 1.2 of Game CAM.

This thing is SWEET! Its riddled with features like WMV and AVI support. Watermarking, in game video preview window…. and the list keeps going.

Grab it at Planet Game Cam and make some movies.

BF1942 movies non stop!

So, you just cant get enough of those BF1942 movies? Well, it looks like there are other people out there like you [and me!]

Going through the Internet TV listing in WinAMP 5, I came across “BF1942 Movies!”. Worth the check out. Right now it is playing NBrigades Explosions video.

I have been watching it for a little bit now and have not seen the same movie twice.

[edit] Looks like at this time it is a 4 movie rotation… [/edit]

If you have made a BF1942 movie, they have an email address to get with them about putting it up. []

Go check it out!

Butterfly, A Bomb?

Ashton Kutchers new film, The Butterfly Effect comes out this weekend. Based on the previews, I want to see this film. Apparently, the critics do not like the film and have lambasted Kutchers performance. Either way, Ill probably watch it when it hits video, but if you are interested in more information about this movie, drop by this website:

Red vs Blue vs The /. effect

Red vs Blues second movie of the second season went public yesterday… If you dont know what Red vs Blue is, we will get to that when you click Read More…

Anyway, with the second season coming, it was posted on Slashdot. Great news is is that RvB will get even more press for being on Slashdot, bad thing is, they have been struck with the not so friendly /. effect [Tons of people seeing it on Slashdot and hitting RvB hard to where the server is having a hard time]

I was just now able to get in, so keep trying and download “Episode 21 Motion To Adjourn”

Now then, what is Red vs Blue??? Read More! Continue reading Red vs Blue vs The /. effect

Red vs Blue Season 2!!!

Well it is finally here. Season 2 has started.

Currently I am pulling down the first release to the general public of season 2. Due to the GREAT demand for this file download speeds are pretty slow. The current download speed I am getting is 12.2KB which is normally around 150KB+ so that tells you that the site is getting slammed. If this season is anything like season 1, I cant wait until they get the sponsor site up so I will be able to get the High Res video.

If you have no clue what I am talking about then just click on Read more. Continue reading Red vs Blue Season 2!!!

Tom Green Pt 3

Sony Pictures announces the latest Tom Green expirement called Stealing Havard. It will co-star Jason Lee (of Clerks fame).

The story goes something like this…..

Duff (Tom Green) and John (Jason Lee) are best friends, but couldnt be more different. Duff is a confirmed under-achiever and a lifelong bad influence on John. John is a practical, hard working guy who only wants to marry his longtime girlfriend Elaine (Leslie Mann).

Click Read More for the full scoop… Continue reading Tom Green Pt 3

LoTR: See it again… has the latest scoop on a special preview of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. You can get the full details here.

The short and sweet version is starting March 29th, there will be a 4 minute preview of LoTR: The Two Towers at the end of LoTR: The Fellowship of The Rings.

I wonder how many people will pay to see the last part of the movie….