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The Osbournes Uncensored!

We are just full of Osbourne news today. If you can not get enough of the first season, you will be able to own it on DVD. The box set of The Osbournes season one, expletives and all, will be released on March 4.

In even further news, Sharon has been reported by E Online! to be working on a screenplay . She goes on to say that she envisions Johnny Depp in the lead role.

Sharon Calls It Quits?

As reported earlier, Sharon Osbourne told Barbara Wawas (Walters) that this was going to be the last season for their hit MTV television show.

Various television shows are now reporting that Sharon had a change of heart and this would not be the last season. Hmmm….. Nothing works better in marketing than controversy, just ask Eminem.

In other Sharon Osbourne news, reports on the web state she is being solicited for an Oprah style talk show. This could be very interesting. I wonder if she will take on Jerry Springer and Ricky Lake, or if she is gunning for Oprahs spotlight. Either way, we will wait and watch .

Sharon Calls It Quits!

In an interview that will be broadcast on 20/20 this Wednesday, Sharon Osbourne said, “This is definitely the last year. We cant do it anymore.”

Not shying away from the cameras just yet, US television network ABC said on Monday that Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly and Jack Osbourne will be hosts of the American Music Awards on January 13.

The Osbournes a hit?!?

Have you been watching the Osbournes on MTV as much as I have? I have been a huge fan of Ozzy for almost 15 years and I would have never guessed how popular the Real World meets The Devils Spawn would be. I have to give credit to Sharon. After all, she is the brains behind the whole thing and we are all hooked.

I am curious about one thing though, which Osbourne do you prefer? The poll is on the right. Pick your favorite…… I am curious to see who is the real star of this show. What do you think?