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Australian Music Sales Soar, Despite File Sharing

It appears that the Australian music industry had their best year ever, amazingly enough considering how p2p is hurting record sales (sic). Unfortunately, you wont hear about it on main stream media because they also downplayed the year with a spin that blames p2p for the drop in singles sales.

Here is an interesting article about the situation. I wonder if US sales will have a similiar effect and spin put out by the RIAA?

Courtney Love Buzzes Howard Stern

Our Favorite Bitch is Back, Courtney Love. This time around, she called into Howard Sterns show just to defend the current allegations that she is a bitch on drugs whose out of control and needs to seek professional help, while releasing Frances Bean to her grandmother before its too late. (wheh)

Anyway, its all in the article.

Kazaa to sue music and movie industry.

As reported on Yahoo, the U.S. Federal Court gave the go ahead to Sharman Networks, owners of the file sharing software Kazaa, to counter sue the entertainment industry for copyright infringement.

The lawsuit would be over the possible misuse of their software to invade users privacy, send corrupt files and send threatening messages.

Get the full, yet short, story here: Yahoo! News

RIAA Screws Up!

The Boston Globe has a story about the RIAA suing a 66 year old Female Mac user for sharing 2,000 songs with Kazaa (which doesnt work on a Mac). One of the songs reportedly shared was “Im a Thug,” by the rapper Trick Daddy. Insert Funny Comment Here

The RIAA dropped the charges, but reserved the right to sue her again if they determine she indeed offered illegal songs for download online.

Wal-Mart ads Maxim, Stuff and FHM to its censor list.

This weeks Up Yours! award goes to Wal-Mart for pulling Maxim, Stuff and FHM from their US shelves because of complaints from Christian based groups, who claimed it was pornographic.

Come on! Give it a rest! In my opinion, this makes strike two against Wal-Mart who already censors all their music and album artwork. This of course, is why I never, ever buy my music from Wal-Mart.

MTV-X replaced by MTV Jams!

Not too many things really, really piss me off. The RIAA pisses me off. Child molesters piss me off. Stupid motherfuckers who have no idea what the conversation is about, but try to join in anyway, piss me off.

Then, there are things that really, really piss me off and at the moment, MTV replacing MTV-X with MTV Jams really, really pisses me off. What the fuck are they doing? I pay $12 a month just to get MTV-X through my local cable provider. Its the only video station worth watching any more. Continue reading MTV-X replaced by MTV Jams!