Changes announced for Warcraft III

The good folks over at Blizzard sent me a message today announcing a few additional changes for Warcraft III. “The Warcraft III development team recently announced two new features to the game:

Hero inventory has been increased from 4 to 6 slots to allow a hero to carry two additional persistent, consumable, or charged items.

Also new to the world of Azeroth is Upkeep. This feature improves tactical management for players while fostering a more aggressive style of gameplay. Upkeep manages the amount of gold peons mine based on a players number of units. The more units controlled, the slower gold flows into the treasury. Consequently, players with fewer units obtain gold at a faster pace. The addition of Upkeep will give players the opportunity to make real strategic decisions regarding the number of units they wish to control. A players Upkeep level is indicated in the upper right hand corner of the interface.”

In addition to this announcement, they have provided a great screenshot of the user interface with the changes. It looks like Warcraft III is pulling together very nicely.

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