Custom Map – GRB Ghost in the Darkness

We wanted to show off another custom map, GRB Ghost in the Darkness. It is based off of our BF42 map called Ghost Front. While it uses the same height map, it is really a very different map. We played this map Friday during our custom map night and it was a blast. It is designed to force the battles in a tug of war fashion, with both sides pouring onto the Temple, for control. You can still grab it from the download section. Look for the custom map pack #7.

Some interesting notes about this map:

– The tunnel is very detailed, with wind sounds once you enter and a capturable flag. The smoke/fog adds an eerie effect. There were some intense battles for this flag.

– The Temple is the midpoint on the map. This capture point does not have a spawn, so you need to constantly feed troops to defend it. There were some great battles for this flag also.

– There is an Easter egg on this map. Watch for broken birds, falling from the sky GI. They will hurt you. 🙂

– Speaking of birds, see if you can find the spot in the jungle where you scare off a whole mess of them. It scared me the first time I heard it. Very cool effect.

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