Hey Gamers! Into nostalgia? Would you have liked to play a more fun version of the original Diablo? Kinda like Diablo with better graphics, better classes, more of a cartoony type of feel? Wouldnt we all. Well, a not as popular game called Darkstone came out in 1999 that has all this. The one major difference in the two? Randomized quests. You never play the same group of quests twice. Throw them into a deck, shuffle them, then splash them on the screen. Cant get any better than that. The kicker is, though, you can make your toon look exactly as you wish. Thats right, folks! Just get Photoshop ™ or any program that allows you to edit a targa file and you can create your own personalized character making it look like anything from g.i. joe to ryu. This takes a bit of creativity on your part as it is not like playing paper dolls. 😉 This process is also very tedious and very time consuming. But its worth it.

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