Diablo Expands to Comics

In further Interplay news, Darkhorse comics announced the release of “Diablo: Tales of Sanctuary”. This story is going to be released in Graphic Novel format some time in November. The Blizzard Insider goes into further details about the story. “In “Diablo: Tales of Sanctuary” readers will follow a vengeful Barbarian named Renit and a mysterious Necromancer called Cairo as they search for the fabled “Hand of Naz” in order to overcome a demon horde. Then a Paladin named Hale fights an evil that will cause him to question the very nature of his existence. Finally, the Druid, Azgar, fights to defend his village and the demons that lie deep within him.”

Interplay was nice enough to give us a sneak peek at the issue. You can see it for yourself.

Dark Horse Comics

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