Attacking: Elite Fragging Force
Rank: 53
Defending: Gamers Radio Battalion Rank: 39
Maps: Fall of Lang Vei,
Cambodian Incursion, Operation Game Warden

Big congrats goes out to EFF for a well fought victory against us!

Both teams fought very well and hard, but EFF was able to take us out with a smile 🙂 Fall of Lang Vei:
Surprisingly, the US were on the losing side of this map. Normally the Cobra does enough damage to keep the NVA at bay, but for both sides, this was not the case.
GRB did a great job taking the US main base, and EFF did an amazing job with their ZSUs and MI-8s. With the great use of EFFs anti-air methods, they won the map well.

Map Score:
GRB: 41
EFF: 64

Cambodian Incursion:
Ahh yes, the ground war. Both teams played this map very well and as normal, most of the fighting went down around the Temple/Shrine Bridge area. Both teams pushed hard, but on this map GRB was able to take it all the way.

Map Score:
GRB: 64
EFF: 0

Operation Game Warden:
And then there was that final map… One thing that I will say is that EFF has a GREAT helicopter pilot. EFF was able to knock us out well on this map with keeping a good tab on their flags. While GRB did win the first round of this map, it wasnt by much. EFF came strong on the second round and kept us more then busy. Great job guys!

Map Score:
GRB: 5
EFF: 63

All in all:
EFF did a great job covering their flags and keeping us going. They have a great helicopter pilot and did well in the ground battle. GRB did great at most of what they set out to do, but it just wasnt enough. I am sure we will be going over our strats again for the next match. Thank you to EFF for a great match!

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