EQ Releases Info on New Expansion

Sony Online Entertainment released an Official Press Release yesterday discussing the upcoming EQ expansion called “EverQuest: Shadows of Luclin”. Read on for the complete release. SAN DIEGO, CA – April 18, 2001 – Sony Online Entertainment announced today its new expansion pack, “EverQuest: Shadows of Luclin” for the Internets most popular role-playing game, “EverQuest®.” The new expansion pack will introduce EverQuest fans to an enchanting moonscape packed with new adventure zones, new items, creatures and spells, a new playable character class and more. Supported by a complete graphic overhaul, “Shadows of Luclin” will allow EverQuest players to witness their world in unprecedented splendor.

“Shadows of Luclin will give EQ fans a beautiful uncharted territory to explore,” states Jeff Butler, Producer, Sony Online Entertainment. “Whether youre a devoted long-term fan looking for new challenges or just discovering online gaming for the first time, Shadows of Luclin is filled with enough captivating adventures to support all levels of EverQuest players.”

“The Shadows of Luclin” takes voyagers to a satellite hovering ominously above the world of Norrath. An area of great mystery, magic, and perplexity, Luclin is divided into a land of light, ruled by Discord, and a land of shadow, ruled by Order. Each side of this amazing world will present many new secrets, treasures and unique monsters.

“Shadows of Luclin” key features:

* New adventure zones, including a new starting city

* All new, highly detailed player-character models

* Massively enhanced 3D graphics engine

* An all-new player character race

* Challenging new quests, items to trade and sell, NPCs and more

“EverQuest: The Shadows of Luclin” is due to ship in Q4 2001. For more information visit the official Shadows of Luclin Website at www.everquest.com/luclin

Continuing to grow with top-selling expansions “The Ruins of Kunarkâ„¢” and “The Scars of Veliousâ„¢,” “EverQuest” proves to be the largest fantasy world ever created online. During peak periods, more than 88,000 adventurers and dragon slayers have explored the world of Norrath simultaneously. The active global EverQuest subscriber base is comprised of players from various countries throughout the “real” world, including the U.S., England, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy and Australia.

The Station® (www.station.com) is the official provider of EverQuest, with software updates and news about the game, message boards and other community features, as well as an easy-to-use billing system for EverQuests monthly subscription fee of $9.89.
Continuing to deliver break-through interactive gaming, Sony Online Entertainment Inc. (SOE), the online gaming division of Sony Corporation and Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment, is a worldwide leader in developing and publishing online entertainment. With more than 9 million registered users, SOEs website www.station.com features EverQuest®, the most successful massively multiplayer online role-playing game available, and such popular attractions for non-paying, casual users as JEOPARDY! Online and Wheel of Fortune Online. SOE is committed to developing cutting-edge online games and communities such as PlanetSide™, Tanarus™, Sovereign™, Infantry™, Cosmic Rift™ and Star Wars® Galaxies™ and distributes online entertainment from Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony Computer Entertainment America. SOE is headquartered in San Diego, California, with additional development studios in St. Louis and Austin.

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