Everquest Baseball?!?

We all know how important a “game” can be to someone. If they spend hours and hours playing, then it becomes a labor of love. When that labor of loves starts to influence things you do in real life, then it becomes an obsession. It is easy to imagine that person on the other end of the line as someone just like ourselves, going to school, working a crappy job or listening to our spouse/girlfriend complain because we spend more time with “it”, when we should be spending more time with them.

Then, something like this happens and we realize why we obsess with this game. We realize why it is so important to us. We also realize this obsession goes deeper than we could ever have imagined. I mean, come on. When did a Major League baseball player ever have anything in common with us? Well, I guess it is a small world after all. ESPN highlights an in game rivalry caused by, of all things, one night in Everquest. Enjoy….

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