Everquest Movies

Like Bombastika, I also have an addiction to EverQuest. I think Ill actually need professional therapy one day. But for now my therapy lies in multimedia.

During times of boredom or inspiration (sometimes one in the same), I set up a web cam, ordered pizza and Mello yellow, and made some EverQuest based movies.

The first 2 are like EQ meets the Real World. Emperor Crush (an orc from Crushbone) comes to stay with me for a few weeks. I plan to do more of these at some point, but I am camera shy. Coffee – Real Video 0:09 36k: Crush has his 1st cup of American coffee.

Zone! – Real Video 0:46 190k: Just like in EQ, Crush thinks he has to say zone! when going into a new area (FYI: Saying Zone lets the people youre talking to know that youll be unavailable until you load the next zone).

Skahld – ASF 1:25 774k: My main character I play on the Mith Marr server, Skahld Newt – an Iksar Monk. His last name used to be (as a joke) Weenieface. It took me months to get rid of it but people still call me Weenieface. Here he is trying to brave the newly discovered continent of Velious. Prepare to be marveled at the special effects! ooo!

Emperor Crush – 4:00 2.10MB Zip: After Crush left my apartment, I hired Skahld to go into Crushbone and terminate Crush – with extreme prejudice. He meets a few unexpected foes.

Party – 2:26 3.12MB Zip: Skahlds friend Knyfe throws a tea party! Our intrepid hero Skahld had to jet over from Kunark in time to make it. Btw, the little dorf at the beginning is NOT Knyfe (he wanted to make sure everyone knew that 🙂

Boring Camp – 0:33 273k: Skahld camps The Great Owoomp in Timorous Deep, and has a startling revelation.

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