Foo Fighters New Album SUCKS!

I bought the new Foo Fighters – In Your Honor (2 Disc) Album the other day and decided to rip a few songs for the station. The first thing that pops up when I put the CD in my computer is a licensing agreement. Hell no I wont agree to this crap. I hit cancel and it ejects the cd. Crap.

Now I put it back in and do a cancel task instead. The agreement goes away and I proceed to use Audio Grabber to create the mp3s for the station. All done. I listen to them and they are all scrambled. What the hell? I do a google search and it seems a lot of people are having problems with CDs from EMI. I found a site that tells you how to get around this DRM crap. It offers up a suggestion to use the program called ISOBuster. I download it, install it and rip away. Once again, the songs are scrambled. CRAP!

I try a third program I already had called Exact Audio Copy (EAC). You guessed it. Songs were scrambled and useless. I have now wasted 3 hours trying to rip these songs so my listeners can enjoy the album.

You know what? Screw EMI and shame on your Dave Grohl for allowing this crap to be put on your album. Not only am I going to go find the songs on P2P, but I am not going to add any songs from the Foo Fighters to the station. I refuse to pay the Foo Fighters one red cent for their music for allowing something so stupid to be put on their album and cause legitimate users so much hassle. You know what? DRM does not work. Sure you stopped me from ripping it, but someone else already has gotten around it and posted the songs to the P2P programs. You cant stop them, but you sure as hell pissed off a legitimate customer and a legal Internet Radio Station who would have helped promote your music and pay you royalties.

Good Job, Jerks……! Thanks for wasting my evening. I could have been ranking up in Battlefield 2 instead…..!

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