Grohl and Novoselic countersue Love

Nirvanas surviving members, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic are finally fighting back against the overbearing bitch, Courtney Love. You may recall Courtney Love filed two lawsuits this summer. One prevented Dave and Krist from releasing the 45 track Nirvana box set, featuring the new song “Youve Got No Right,” written by Cobain in 1994. The other lawsuit sought to dissolve the LLC formed by Dave, Krist and Courtney to manage the Nirvana properties. In this lawsuit, Love claimed all rights (HOLY SHIT! Can you believe the nerve of this bitch?!?!) to Nirvana’s music based on the fact that Kurt was her husband. She claims Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic had nothing to do with writing the music.

Dave and Krist had this to say in a statement about the whole situation, “In truth, her actions are only about the revitalization of her career motivated solely by her blind self-interest.” Dave and Krist went on to contend that Loves conduct was enough to bar her from making decisions in Nirvana L.L.C. “In her professional dealings, Love is irrational, mercurial, self-centered, unmanageable, inconsistent and unpredictable. Loves business and personal judgment also makes her incompetent to be a member of the L.L.C.”

Ok, let me get this right? Dave and Krist have no right to the music, even though they were involved in the creative process, actually played on the albums and toured in support of the music. Yet, the whore, Courtney Love has every right to the music because she shared drugs and slept with Kurt? If the courts side with her, I am going to freaking scream!

I am glad to see the guys are finally fighting back. This is absolutely ridiculous. Because of Love’s stupidity, the Nirvana box set remains unavailable to the people who really deserve the music, Nirvanas fans.

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