Halo Hits The Big Screen

A while back, a buddy of mine use to host a Halo night at his house. We put together 2 projectors, a 60″ Big Screen and a few stand alone tvs through out the house to host Halo. It was a blast, but even with the projectors and big screen, it was still cramped.

Taking this idea to a new level is a movie theater in Utah, where they have linked 4 theaters together for a 4 man tournament of Halo. In addition, a bunch of 36″ tvs show the matches in the lobby, where paying spectators watch.

Our evening of Halo mayhem was a blast, but this sounds much cooler than craming a bunch of people into one house. Get the full scoop here. In the meantime, Ill be figuring out how to bring BFV to the big screen in a similiar fashion. 🙂

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