June 18th, 2002 – The Day Neverwinter stood still….

Today is N-day folks. It has been many, many years since I first heard of Biowares release of Neverwinter Nights. I can honestly say the only game I have been this anxious to play was Ultima Online. Even then, it was because Aohell closed down the original Neverwinter Nights and I needed a new game to feed my addiction.
Today is an incredible day in CRPG history. Today was the day Bioware raised the bar for D&D computer games. I can only hope it takes me back to the place I called home, so long ago, Neverwinter……

Pardon me while I get really, really freaking excited….. YIIIIPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Ok, Im off to find the game somewhere because I was too lazy to prepurchase it…….

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