More New Music Additions!

It looks like some of you are listening to the radio broadcast. Let me say thanks in advance. As always, leave feedback on what you would like to hear.

In the meantime, enjoy the new music I just added. You can see the Artist on the left and the Artist and Albums under the rest of this article. Candlebox – Candlebox – By far their best album

Everclear – Songs from an American Movie Pt I

Everclear – Songs from an American Movie Pt II

Filter – Title of Record

Foo Fighters – There is nothing Left to Lose

Lifehouse – No Name Face – Best New Rock

Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory – Best New Rock

Pearl Jam – Ten – My Number 1 Album of the 90s

Presidents of the United States of America – Freaked Out and Small – Their Back!

Rage Against the Machine – Renegades

Tool – Undertow

VAST – Music for the People

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