OmegaCon Alpha: The Beginning…

Omegacon Alpha is the first in hopefully a long line of gaming / anime conventions to appear in Oklahoma. The goal of Omegacon is to establish a convention in Oklahoma City that people can rely on and trust to be around. Unlike some of the previous failures this convention is going to strive to achieve that which they failed. I common place for EVERYONE. The venue of games and anime will likely change and increase to fit the years as the venue of games, anime, and other events change with the times. Omegacon is also a non-profit charity event. What does this mean? It means after all the costs of the convention have been pulled from the cash intake all the money that remains will go to a named charity. The reason for this is to stand for the belief that everyone should have the chance to enjoy life. By having the convention we get people able to travel and visit but at the same time there are people that can’t. Please feel free to visit our site and contact me for any information. Or you can call at 405-302-0724

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