Razes Blog #1

Today, I was out pubbing on an official EA US server. I was having a typical time playing. After about 5 minutes I was TK’d, no biggie it happens. I respawned and it wasn’t a minute later that I was TK’d again. Same person. OK, I’m thinking what a moe. I respawned again in a different location. Minute later I get TK’d again by a different person wearing the same tag. Curiosity kicked in. I squaded up with them thinking, maybe the whole nametag wrong color bug was happening. Now I know where they all are. I spawn next to another squad and all was fine and dandy. That was until we all converged on the same flag that was left. Still on their squad knowing what had happened earlier, I cringed. With good reason if I might add, as soon as the squad I was running with joined the questionable squad they TK’d the whole group. I commenced to TK punish from this point. A few minutes later the round ended and I noticed all the questionable guys on this squad were 1,2,3 and I think 5. How was this? I left the server and found another server where I think I found my niche as an engineer. I also found that you CAN pick up another team’s Mines for .25 of mine were picked up by the opposing team. I seen them pick one up. This made me happy for I must try to do this now.

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