Sandbox Manual 1.1 and FAQ

If you have even glanced at the Sandbox editor for FarCry then you know that this is the most amazing map editor known to man… Period! Just so happends that they have updated their manual and FAQ to address some common questions.

Quote from FarCry:
An updated version of the Sandbox editor manual has been uploaded to the Far Cry FTP. Version 1.1 of the manual has the following changes:

-Updated objects (dynamic light, raising water, particle spray, all pick ups); Appendix B.
-Updated AI anchor jobs list; Appendix C.
-Updated light types heading, and dynamic light table; Appendix E.
-Removed step 12 and updated step 8, first walkthrough, Chapter 1.
-Corrected explanation of position saving by switching “control” and “shift”; Navigation section, page iv.
-Corrected “shift” and “control” errors in Steps 1 of Chapter 7s walkthrough, and steps 3 and 6 of Chapter 2s walkthrough.
-Added Layer Painter section, Chapter 1
-Updated numerous jpeg images to bitmaps to improve visual quality

The FAQ V1.0 aims to provide answers to the most common questions that are being raised

Download Sandbox Manual v1.1 (5.87mb)
Download Sandbox FAQ (107Kb)

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