Top 13 Reasons Why I Am Not Buying Battlefield 2142

Tomorrow is the release date for the next game in the Battlefield series. It also marks the first time I will not be buying a Battlefield game since the original Battlefield 1942. I figured a lot of other people feel the same way, but EA's Marketing department will probably be at a loss for why the game flopped. To help them understand, I wrote 13 reasons Why I Am Not Buying Battlefield 2142. 


13. EA lies to you soldier! Their Quality Assurance department bombs you instead.

12. Official Ranked server program has taken the fun out of the Battlefield franchise.

11. Complete lack of support for easy to install Custom Maps that could lengthen the lifespan of the game.

10. Still smarting from my purchase of Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons.

9. EA absorbing DICE, especially considering all the great developers they purchased and ran into the ground previously. Origin, Westwood, Bullfrog and recently DICE Canada one day after the completion of the DICE/EA acquisition.

8. Lack of mod support for BF2 including buggy, hard to use mod tools.

7. Slick doublespeak Marketing tactics disquised as an appeal to the Battlefield Community.

6. The BF2142 Demo causes Crash To Desktop (CTD), which was a bug they "fixed" in BF2 previously!

5. Apparently $50 is not enough to insulate a person from in game advertisements or the ad tracking spyware installed with the game.

4. The "revolutionary" new "Titan" game mode has been around for years in the form of "Onslaught" for Unreal Tournament 2004 ($9.95 no less) as well as, objective mode in Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons and numerous mods for Battlefield games.

3. Still no Capture The Flag (CTF).

2. Terrible unlock system designed more like a MMORPG instead of great, "quick fix" First Person Shooter (FPS).

1. As a Battlefield Fan who has purchased every Battlefield game and expansion since Battlefield 1942, I have finally got it through my thick skull that EA is going to promise the world before the game is released, then two weeks later announce their next great Battlefield game where they are moving all of the BF2142 coders who could have helped release patches in a timely manner leaving the battlefield community to wonder when we will receive a patch to fix all of the same problems that have been present since Battlefield 1942.


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