Unsigned Bands Beware

I have been looking around at all the things going on in the music industry and it makes me sick. The major labels are screwing everyone they can. The record labels are evening including the rights to sell your music online as part of their initial contracts. Dont believe me? Click “Read More” for the quote from the Recording Artists Coalition. “Some managers, however, said that they felt bullied into including their music on the services and were powerless to do anything about it. “Of course were upset about it,” said the manager of one male artist. “But he hasnt even turned in his record yet, so what leg do we really have to stand on?”

To try to avoid future protests, most major labels have added a clause to their standard recording contracts allowing the label to sell an acts songs on the Internet, including all subscription and pay-per-use services. It is very difficult, said Mr. Stiffelman, for a new band to have enough leverage to remove this clause from its contract.”

That was the ending, but everything up until this point is just as interesting. Get the full scoop on the Recording Artists Coalition website.

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