Who can bite me?? EA can!!!

When BF2 was announced as official I was apprehensive at first. After some thinking I decided I would give EA another chance after the BFV mistake. Feeling an impending budget constraint in my household I decided to order BF2 early. At this point EA was claiming to have the game out I think in April. On Jan 17, 2005 I talked my wife into letting me preorder BF2 so I wouldnt be stuck in the cold if I didnt have money when the game came out. I wanted to make sure Id have the game when it was released. Click in the article to read how EA has made sure I am continually unhappy with them. As I said I ordered my copy of BF2 on Jan 17, 2005. I expected Id have to wait a month or two maybe even three. Shortly after I ordered they pushed the date back some more. I took it in stride. After that EA announced that they had sweetened the deal for people who order early. They would now include free shipping and a couple of free gifts. I emailed the ea store and asked if I would be included on that deal since I had preordered months before and still not received the product. EA emailed me back and told me no, I would not get free shipping and more-so if I canceled my order and re-ordered I would lose my place in line and shipping would be done first come first served. A few weeks later I found out they had a DVD version I emailed to ask if I could get that instead of CDs and was told no again.

I took all of this in stride. UNTIL THIS WEEK!! Now here I am 2 days after the street date on this game and EA has still not shipped it. Not that is hasnt gotten to me yet, but that havent even shipped it yet. EA I Ordered this game in JANUARY.

In any case I may not get my copy until next week. See you all then I hope the game makes up for EAs lack of caring for their customers. Please note I didnt mention EA dumping on private servers, EA dumping on the most popular video card in gaming history, EA dumping on the Linux server admins, or any of the other Corporate mistakes EA has made in the production of this game.

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