Within by MD, due out soon!

I would like to announce the Release of Manifest Destinys latest album, Within. Our readers/listeners in North America may not be as familiar with them, but Europe and Japan knows all about this Stillwater, Oklahoma band. Check out our own Erthdawg signing Lead as Manifest Destiny grabs you by the balls and takes control. You can hear the whole album before its released , esclusively, on the GRN broadcast. Just click on Playlist and the letter “M” and request any song you want to hear. I would suggest “Winter Within“. Although not typical of the songs on the rest of the album, it is a great song, in the Tradition of Panteras version of Planet Caravan. You can request 1 song every thirty minutes. Make sure you check out “Winter Within“, as well as listening to some of the other great songs from Manifest Destinys latest release, Within. Keep an eye on mp3.com, where you can purchase the album as soon as it is becomes available.

Oh…. And dig that album cover, sweeeeet!

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